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Charity. Unity.

Fraternity. Patriotism.

Together, we're empowering  our
Catholic brotherhood to live their faith at home, in their parish, at work and in their community.


Charity is at the heart of our work and faith. Council 8617 devotes countless hours and financial resources to...


Brotherhood. Fatherhood. Our men devote their livelihood to serving a greater purpose, as one...


Fraternity. Insurance. Social events.

Retreats. Council Meetings.

Whatever you seek, find it here.



1882. At the age of 29, Father Michael J. McGivney founded the Knights of Columbus on February 6th with a mission of charity at St. Mary's Chruch in New Haven, CT. 

He proposed establishing a lay organization to prevent Catholic men from entering secret societies antithetical to Chruch teaching, uniting Catholic men and helping families of deceased members.

To demonstrate their loyalty to their country as well as their faith, these men took Christopher Columbus, a recognized Catholic and discoverer of America, as their patron. The Knights of Columbus elected officer in February 1882 and assumed corporate status on March 29th. 

Father Michael J. McGivney Guild | Knights of Columbus (

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